Feels like home to me

Jon and I met in Moab 10 years ago almost to the date.  So when Jon and I started planning a trip down there for the half marathon we called his parents and asked if they would take the kids for the weekend.  We haven’t been back alone since we left at the end of […]

A past due princess party

So anyone that knows me well know that a princess party would not be my first choice.  However it was Maren’s 6th birthday and I was thinking that this whole princess obsession will be coming to an end here shortly, plus Taylor is still right in the middle of it and her birthday is only […]

The Unexpected Snowman

 I thought I would post some cute pictures of Jon building a snowman with his girls, he’s such a cute daddy.  They were so excited to build a snowman I couldn’t even get them into clothes that was snowman building appropriate. It was a sunday and so Jon wasn’t home yet because he was at […]

School V-day Party

These pictures were taken the day of Taylors Valentines Day party so that’s why she looks so happy. Maren was bummed out because her party wasn’t until the next day, but she finally agreed to be happy because I told her I would come to her school the next day and help with her party. […]

Valentines Day Tea Party

Every year Jon and I always host a Valentines Day Tea Party at our house. This year we just kept it simple and frosted cookies, made Valentines Day mailboxes, and let the kids play outside. We were 1 man down this year, (we missed ya Duncan) but that’s ok he’s going to be in Jr. […]