Sunday and my past due mother’s day pictures

This is our average Sunday afternoon.  The girls are constantly giggling and running around.  Jon is somewhere between half awake and half asleep.  Maren and Taylor are riding there bikes and taking turns “winning the race”.  Lauren is trying to sneak away from us so she can run into the road and play with the […]

18 months old

You are officially 18 months old now.  I feel like I have hit a milestone with you, and I’m still trying to figure out why I feel that way.  I guess now you will go to nursery so I don’t have to chase you around the halls at church every sunday.  You do seem a […]


For years now Jon has had me sit down and watch Trailers of all of his outdoor ski movies, rock climbing movies, mountain biking, etc.  Usually I sit down and humor him 🙂 and then get right back to what I was doing before, but this time it actually caught my attention.  This man is […]

Easter 2011

These pictures are taken right after all the kids had a nap so they are all a little groggy and not in the mood for pictures.  We had a great easter morning.  It was the first time the easter bunny hid their baskets so they were so mad when they woke up and they only […]