I haven’t been taking as many pictures because sometimes I feel like I miss out on things because of my camera, so that’s why I don’t have pictures of everything.  Maren wrote a poem about a BOY!!!  Oh heaven help me 🙂  Taylor wrote a poem about a giraffe. We have watched fireworks so much […]

Wheeler Farm was 1,000 degrees today!  My niece and nephew have never been here so they had no expectation.  I thought they were going to say that it was for babies, because they always say everything we do is for babies 🙂  But they thought it was fun, so I was glad.  Lauren had a […]

We went to the pet store today and Taylor was SO excited to go.  Can you tell it was her idea to put the pet store on the list?  She ran around the store pointing out every animal she saw, then she named them and cried when we left because she wanted to know what […]

16 down 39 to go

So I’m slacking, but I have promised myself as well as my kids that we will get all of this done by the time summer comes to an end.   Taylor wanted spaghetti, but she wanted to make it fun.  So we made bear rolls and then we made a porcupine watermelon that Tay was […]

More summer fun

I knew that when it was Maren’s turn for dinner night it was going to consist of mainly fruits and vegetables.  So when we went shopping for her dinner I asked her  what she wanted and we came home with strawberries, salad, carrots, peaches, and hamburgers with orange soda to drink. Maren thought she was […]

Live a little

We were at my niece’s baptism and my dad and mom rode the motorcycle to the park.  When my grandma sat down to eat lunch she told my dad she wanted to take a motorcycle ride.  This is completely out of the ordinary for my grandma so we all just blew it off and we […]

We’ve been busy

Here is a few from my bucket list we’ve passed off.  I still have 46 more to go so I better kick it in the butt!!! The kids were grumpy and we were hot so we grabbed the hose and turned the sprinklers on the kids and it was a fight with all of us. […]