Photo a Day : Day 22


The doctor told me the best way to keep their eczema under control was to give them bleach bath’s, I am amazed at how well this worked on my kids.  They are usually so itchy all the time, but we did just 1 bath and their rashes have softened and they are hardly scratching anymore.  Their skin is usually so hard and tough, but the bleach kills the bacteria in the rashes and helps to heal it.  I am so glad we have found some relief for them.


2 thoughts on “Photo a Day : Day 22

  1. I have missed a TON of your pics. (I guess that’s what happens when I move out, move in in less than two months. :)) I loved all your pics. And poor Lauren! I had no idea she was going through all that. She sounds like my nephew. Glad you know how to help her now. We need to get together soon!! Love ya!

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