Photo a Day : Day’s 112, 113, & 114


Day 112

Eating breakfast with my Tay bugs.

Day 113

This tree has been in front of my parents house since I before I was born.  This tree was my Jr. High hang out spot.  I have a huge scar under my arm from falling out of this tree.  It has a bug and it probably is going to have to come down soon…how weird is it that this makes me sad?Day 114

Maren has been asking to go take pictures of the horses again.  She has been trying to get me to teach her how to take pictures, but I don’t really have a camera that is easy to teach a 7 year old with.  So I broke down and took her to the horses.  The top picture is mine and the bottom picture is Marens.  Her angle is great and her perspective is cool, It’s not too bad considering my camera weighs half as much as she does.  It’s a little out of focus, but her hands were shaking because my camera is so heavy.  I was pretty impressed with her.


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