Photo a Day : Day 158

  This is what we do when the kids are not around…I’m serious ūüôā ¬†Mostly Jon tries to make me laugh and I don’t think he’s as funny as he thinks he is. ¬†He got me this time though, I have been laughing all day long at this. ¬†Thanks for always making me smile. ¬†Hopefully […]

Photo a Day : Day’s 156 & 157

Day 156 This is Toughers, he’s my brothers dog. ¬†He may not win any most adorable or cute awards, but he’s a good dog.¬† Day 157 I love watching my kids do their homework, I love seeing the wheels turn in their heads. And this is what my carefree, artsy fartsy, little girls homework looks […]

Photo a Day : Day’s 150 & 152

  Day 150 I was upstairs working and I didn’t hear Lauren anymore. ¬†I ran outside and found her at the neighbors house with her clothes stripped off and her friend was hosing her down. ¬†She is my free spirited child, that’s for sure. Day 151 This is where their backpacks are supposed to go, […]

Photo a Day : Day’s 146, 147 & 148

  Day 146 First day of school for all 3 of them! Day 147 Lauren is still getting used to her daddy leaving on work trips. ¬†The girls are all holding up okay, but saying good bye is always hard for her.     Day 148 What the crap, when did this happen?