Photo a Day : Day 182


It’s so rewarding to lay next to your child and listen to them reading to you.  Maren has started to ready Harry Potter and while she isn’t the fastest reader yet she is doing such a good job.  I love watching the light click on for my kids with school because I have struggled with dyslexia my whole life and it always been a fear of mine to have a child that struggles like I have.  Luckily if any of them do have the same challenges, there are far more resources available to them then I ever could imagine.

When I was in school I had teachers that made fun of me in front of the classroom because I couldn’t multiply, divide or read or write well by the time I was in 6th grade.  My parents struggled through the painful hours of homework and tests that I always either failed or if I was lucky got a c+ on.  I firmly believe that the years of unsuccessful school has taught me so much about what I am instead of what I am not.  I am grateful for the small trials in life that help mold and shape who you are.  I have found a way to express myself not through words (as you notice I try really hard not to write too much on this blog so that you all don’t notice how awful my punctuation is :))  but through photography.  When I found photography I finally felt like I could speak in the way I felt which I had never been able to do before.  So thank you all who follow and read my blog for putting up with my many many pictures of just randomness.  It’s so much fun for me to share my family with you and express to you through pictures how I feel.


3 thoughts on “Photo a Day : Day 182

  1. Les, wow–I would never have known this about you at all. Thanks for sharing. I bet there are some parents out there that will now use you as a resource. I love looking at your photos. Max says to tell you that you are so “looc” and to keep up the good work 🙂

    • Katie, it was something that I was really embarrassed of for a long time so it wasn’t something I was that willing to tell. I went to collage and I had a professor write on one of my papers “learn how to write a sentence or consider leaving college.” and then the same semester I had a professor pull me aside and tell me that I should try to take the test by having her read it to me and I passed the test with flying colors. That one professor took 20 minutes of her time to prove to me that I wasn’t stupid, I wish I could remember who she was so that I could thank her. Tell Max thanks!!! 🙂

  2. By the way my family for years tried to teach me that I wasn’t stupid as well as Jon. For some reason it took a complete stranger that new nothing about me to show me that I wasn’t. Sorry to all those that tried and I blew them off 🙂

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