Hello and thanks for looking at my blog.  My name is Leslie Hunter and I am a wife to an incredible man that I love to pieces and a mother to 3 hot headed, spicy, beautiful little girls.  I try to find good in all things to a fault, I love finding out how things work and then try to fix them if I can.  I have been known to take apart my lawn mower, disposal, vacuum and many other things to try to fix them and then having to make a half a dozen phone calls to try to get help to put them back together.  I am a night owl, a dreamer, a horrible singer, a photographer, and I’m boarder line a little nuts but I’m starting to believe everyone is, so I guess I’m just normal.

This blog is an outlet for me to create and to connect with people, I hope you find this blog inspiring and fun and I hope to hear a little bit about all of you in return.

Thank you,



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your quote on togetherness – a great motto to live by. Thanks for stopping by to dip into the craziness of my life in the wilds … I’ll look forward to learning more about your life. Abi

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