Something had to give

I’m sorry for the abrupt stop in my photo a day idea, my life kind of went crazy for a while and something had to give.  Unfortunately the only thing that I could let go of was just time in front of the computer.  My daughter Taylor has been not feeling well, it’s nothing life […]

Perfectly Imperfect

I took these pictures a few months ago and I was just cleaning off my computer and found them.  I remember when I took them I was having a really bad day.  It was a Sunday and I decided to play hooky from church :).  I just wanted to not do anything, I was so […]

Pumpkin Patch

We came here last year for a field trip with Tay’s preschool.  I have been talking to Jon about it since then and we finally made it back as a family.  The girls had a ball and I’m so glad we were able to go.  Maren and Taylor wanted to have a contest of who […]