Something had to give

I’m sorry for the abrupt stop in my photo a day idea, my life kind of went crazy for a while and something had to give.  Unfortunately the only thing that I could let go of was just time in front of the computer.  My daughter Taylor has been not feeling well, it’s nothing life […]

New Site for Print and Canvas sales!

So I have received a lot of questions about how to create a canvas wall similar to this.  I have created a new site called where we are selling canvas wall designs.  We will be adding an upload feature in addition to a section where you can buy and print custom sized vintage prints.  I […]

Photo a Day 162

You are my funny, my sweet, my lady, my May! I watch you grow up and there is this part of my that is crushed that you aren’t that little baby that can’t say popsicle anymore.  But I see this person inside of you and I’m blown away, then I can’t wait for you to […]

Photo a Day : Day 25

Every time Maren get’s 100% on an assignment or a test we go out to get a treat.  She usually picks a chocolate topper ice cream cone or a slurpee, obviously she chose the slurpee. This is Jon and I completely exhausted from a long day.  I mowed our HUGE lawn with 2 broken wheels […]