Photo a Day : Day 191

This little girl has officially conquered the monkey bars, she’s pretty awesome!


Photo a Day : Day 188 & 189


Day 188

We unfortunately don’t get to make it up to Logan to visit my in-laws much any more.  When life wasn’t so crazy we used to get up there to visit at least once a month, but now it always seems like we have something.  When we do go up there I always notice how big my kids are getting when they sit in their kitchen chairs.  They look so much bigger then the last time we were there, Lauren finally sits at the table and is just a part of the crowd now.   You can hardly see her face poking over the condiments but she is getting big none the less. 

Maren’s teacher asked me to come to her class and take pictures of the kids for a special activity.  They had some people for the Aquarium come and talk about lizards and snakes and different reptiles.  Maren was in heaven because she has wanted a snake for a while now.  I told her I’d take a picture for her so she could have it, but that’s as close to getting a pet snake as she’ll get.  When she moves out she’s more then welcome to buy a snake, but I will not snake sit for her. 

Photo a Day : Day’s 185 & 186

Day 185

Being a stay at home mom sometimes you feel like you do everything wrong.  There are so many small decisions to make that effect everyone else that seem to add up and then you feel like you can’t do anything right.  For example, sleeping in a little and then having to run around the house like a crazy lady to get everyone ready and then being late to pick up car pool.  Or when I wash whites instead of blues and now the kids don’t have clean jeans for school.  Or forgetting toilet paper at the store, or having to work so much that your kids have basically watched tv for the whole day.  It’s these little things that keep adding up that made me think to take a picture of my snack so I could remember that I made a least one good choice that day.  And then I stop and smile and tell myself to stop being so hard on myself because no one else cares but me, and that my choice to be upset about toilet paper is honestly a little nuts.  Then I eat my tomatoes and then chase it down with a spoon full of Nutella and then life is good again. 🙂

Day 186


Photo a Day : Day 184

We went to the pumpkin patch again this year with my family and it was a short visit that ended in the ER.  Lauren had a HORRIBLE reaction to the hay and grasses at the pumpkin patch and she couldn’t breath.  I didn’t get many pictures but I got a few fun ones at least.

The little blonde here in the red disneyland shirt is Jason.  He’s my 5 year old nephew with Autism.  It’s rare for me to ever get him to look me straight in the eye but he was looking at my camera and I got a shot of his beautiful blue eyes as well as a smile.  Though he’s an enormous trial for my sister and brother in law he’s honestly a joy to be around.   

Jason and Dad

Uncle Jeff with a group of them

Yes this is Uncle Chad with his infant son in arms.  I thought he was going over for sure, but his football skills must of kicked in at the last minute.

My cute girls and nephew

Jeff always doing things a different way and his wife Berrie.  Berrie’s butt didn’t handle the bumpy slide like she’d hoped.  I keep telling myself that’s why I have a little extra padding on mine…for comfort reasons of course. 

Right before I picked her up and called it quits and took her to the ER.  I love this picture of my girls. 

Photo a Day : Day 182


It’s so rewarding to lay next to your child and listen to them reading to you.  Maren has started to ready Harry Potter and while she isn’t the fastest reader yet she is doing such a good job.  I love watching the light click on for my kids with school because I have struggled with dyslexia my whole life and it always been a fear of mine to have a child that struggles like I have.  Luckily if any of them do have the same challenges, there are far more resources available to them then I ever could imagine.

When I was in school I had teachers that made fun of me in front of the classroom because I couldn’t multiply, divide or read or write well by the time I was in 6th grade.  My parents struggled through the painful hours of homework and tests that I always either failed or if I was lucky got a c+ on.  I firmly believe that the years of unsuccessful school has taught me so much about what I am instead of what I am not.  I am grateful for the small trials in life that help mold and shape who you are.  I have found a way to express myself not through words (as you notice I try really hard not to write too much on this blog so that you all don’t notice how awful my punctuation is :))  but through photography.  When I found photography I finally felt like I could speak in the way I felt which I had never been able to do before.  So thank you all who follow and read my blog for putting up with my many many pictures of just randomness.  It’s so much fun for me to share my family with you and express to you through pictures how I feel.