Photo a Day : Day’s 185 & 186

Day 185 Being a stay at home mom sometimes you feel like you do everything wrong.  There are so many small decisions to make that effect everyone else that seem to add up and then you feel like you can’t do anything right.  For example, sleeping in a little and then having to run around […]

Photo a Day 162

You are my funny, my sweet, my lady, my May! I watch you grow up and there is this part of my that is crushed that you aren’t that little baby that can’t say popsicle anymore.  But I see this person inside of you and I’m blown away, then I can’t wait for you to […]

Photo a Day : Day’s 150 & 152

  Day 150 I was upstairs working and I didn’t hear Lauren anymore.  I ran outside and found her at the neighbors house with her clothes stripped off and her friend was hosing her down.  She is my free spirited child, that’s for sure. Day 151 This is where their backpacks are supposed to go, […]

Photo a Day : Day 131

We call these kids the “bike gang” and there are usually more of them too.  They ride around the neighborhood knocking on doors trying to gather as many kids as they can so that they can all ride around together.   This night they all decided that they weren’t going to eat dinner with their […]